Setting SMART Objectives In Executive Coaching

Objectives Are Important In Executive Coaching Setting objectives for oneself and with your coach are important in Executive Coaching. It sets out what both parties accept, what they will deliver together, what they will need,  and how long it will take to deliver. Setting the objectives early allows for a clearer executive coaching contract between [...]

Change Management is like changing track

Change Management

What is Change Management? The clue is in the name…Change Management is about helping people, groups or organisations change. The “change” may be something small, such as a different supplier of certain goods through to a huge change such as an acquisition or a reorganisation. Whatever the change, the impact of dealing with that change [...]

Leadership Training

“Leadership is a lot like love. Everyone thinks it is special but hardly anyone agrees on a definition” No Universal Theory Of Leadership The lack of leadership definition in the research fields of social science such as politics, management, psychology and sociology mean that developing a universal model for training leadership is currently impossible. Leadership [...]

Executive Coaching = CPD

How does Executive Coaching and CPD work together? Executive coaching provides a powerful framework for personal development, and as a subset of personal development, continuous professional development (CPD). CPD is a fantastic resource to keep on top of the leading thinking & innovations in your field. However CPD is wasted if you are not looking [...]

Learning and Development

What is Learning and Development? Learning & Development (L&D) is the strategic ability to grow the overall organisation’s capability and therefore its competitive advantage. Learning & Development starts by seeking out what the capability is required for the organisation to meet its strategic objective and the current level of organisational capability. Capability Review From this [...]

Leadership Development

Leadership is important to organisations and high quality leadership, both in organisations and also in society at large, seems to be rare. Developing leadership is a strategic imperative for most organisations. Leadership Development Requirements Developing leadership is not simply about dressing differently (taking off the overalls and putting on a suit and tie) or reading [...]

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are an integral part of developing leadership. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a universal set of leader traits or skills that will be optimal in all organisations and situations. Far more important than learning the skills of leadership is the application of those skills into the specific environment, as the fit [...]

Leadership Styles

Leadership styles is a theory of leadership that looks at the broad characteristics of what it means to be a leader and the style of the leader. Ground-breaking research at the beginning of World War II by Kurt Lewin highlighted three styles of leaders and sought to understand what was the most effective. Three Leadership [...]

Leaders And Leadership

Are Leaders born or bred into Leadership? This ancient question is no closer to being answered, as there is no single, adequate, or universally accepted definition of the concept of leadership itself. This makes leadership hard to research and difficult to teach or evaluate in any logical way. To recruit or train leaders? And answering [...]