Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the process of maintaing best practice in specific industries and bodies, with different ways to earn CPD credits including executive coaching.

Here are our thoughts on how Executive Coaching can work alongside CPD.

Executive Coaching = CPD

How does Executive Coaching and CPD work together? Executive coaching provides a powerful framework for personal development, and as a subset of personal development, continuous professional development (CPD). CPD is a fantastic resource to keep on top of the leading thinking & innovations in your field. However CPD is wasted if you are not looking [...]

What Is Mentoring?

What Is Executive Mentoring? Executive mentoring is the guidance of executives by executives with a similar background. We only use executive mentoring as a technique within executive coaching, and only when appropriate. When Should We Use An Executive Mentor? Executive mentoring should only be used as an element of an approach and only once other [...]

Executive Coaching Vs Executive Mentoring

What’s the difference between executive coaching and executive mentoring? Is Executive Coaching the same as executive mentoring? Mentoring is a valid technique WITHIN executive coaching. Essentially it is one of the tools available to a qualified and experienced executive coach. However, a mentor may not necessarily be a coach. What is Executive Mentoring? Executive Mentoring [...]

Executive Coaching and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Marketing

Continuous Professional Development in the marketing indisutry is critical to keeping up with the trends in the marketing discipline and ensuring the indivudals are keeping a breast of best practice. Within the Marketing industry there are two institues who champion the professional standards and both allow for executive coaching & mentoring to contribute towards their [...]