Leadership Training

“Leadership is a lot like love. Everyone thinks it is special but hardly anyone agrees on a definition”

No Universal Theory Of Leadership

The lack of leadership definition in the research fields of social science such as politics, management, psychology and sociology mean that developing a universal model for training leadership is currently impossible.

Leadership Cannot Be Taught

Unfortunately leadership is not a skill that can be simply learned and taught unlike a musical instrument. Instead, as executive coaches we support leaders to develop not only the leadership skills but also the knowledge & confidence in applying those skills to specific circumstances.

As executive coaches from one of Europe’s leading business schools, we are familiar not only with the various theories of leadership but also, more importantly, in the application of those theories in an organisational context.

Develop Leadership Potential

Our aim as executive coaches it to support our clients’ needs in developing their leadership potential with a client centred approach to leadership training.  This means we see our clients as individuals and help them assess their own needs for leadership training and work with them to develop leadership skills.  We work with them, helping them develop their own leadership solutions and help them develop their own responsibility for their own leadership training.

As executive coaches, we use a number of techniques in supporting our clients in their leadership training.  We highlight books that may be appropriate for clients.  We summarise leadership theories and their results (we also discuss these on our blog).  We rehearse different leadership styles which may be new for some clients. We work with clients for them to see how different leadership styles & skills may affect their team and wider organisation. We work with clients to see their leadership training as less of a destination and more of a journey.

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