Change Management

What is Change Management?

The clue is in the name…Change Management is about helping people, groups or organisations change. The “change” may be something small, such as a different supplier of certain goods through to a huge change such as an acquisition or a reorganisation. Whatever the change, the impact of dealing with that change can have an impact on an organisation’s performance.

What is Change?

Change is a process we all have to go through at some points in our life, sometimes it is forced upon us and sometimes we actively want to make a change. In fact for some people change is seemingly constant.

At the heart of change are two things…

First a motivation to change, a reason to move from the current to the new. Without that motivation, whether at an individual level or across an organisation, change will simply not happen. And the motivation to change has to be real and held by all those involved. It requires clear communication & absolute alignment.

There are a number of change management tools that can help not only find and understand the reason to change, but also to gain alignment across the organisation.

Secondly, the ability to change. The ability to change is having the skills, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs required for the change to happen and also the confidence in being able to apply those changes.

Without both simultaneously, change will not happen, and the organisation will flounder through that change.

How Can We Help Your Organisation Through Change?

We can help you or your organisation through a change by helping develop a detailed and effective change management programme.

In addition, sometimes specific individuals or roles in an organisation require more support during a period of change.  Executive Coaching is especially effective in helping support individuals through a period of change as the rapport in the coaching relationship allows clients to safely explore the challenges and opportunities in the new and changed organisation.

Join the dozens of others who have called us to find out more on how we could help you change.

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