Executive Coaching = CPD

How does Executive Coaching and CPD work together?

Executive coaching provides a powerful framework for personal development, and as a subset of personal development, continuous professional development (CPD).

CPD is a fantastic resource to keep on top of the leading thinking & innovations in your field. However CPD is wasted if you are not looking at implementing the thinking and innovations back into your business and also developing yourself to become a leader in your field.

Combine A Wide Range of CPD With Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an ally to traditional CPD methods and it counts towards your points as well. We recommend using a combination of traditional CPD with courses, complimented with executive coaching to help drive your own performance and your organisation’s performance.

Unlike the traditional classroom style events of CPD, executive coaching offers you the flexibility to bring your own experience coupled with the new ideas & innovations of CPD together to form an implementation strategy, whilst also giving you the confidence in your own ability to take the strides necessary to bring this strategy to life.

Maximise Value From Your CPD

Executive coaching offers your company an opportunity to get full value out of your CPD, by allowing you the time to consider how to apply what you have learnt through CPD and keep in the vanguard of your industry.

Flexible and Personalised CPD

Executive coaching allows you the flexibility to tailor your CPD to your needs, whether it be about a particular work challenge, helping your team learn & develop through comprehensive & bespoke training, developing your teams’ leadership or developing your career through personal development.

Accredited CPD Provider

One of our Executive Coaches, William Harte is now an accredited CPD coach and by working with him you can gain CPD credits from your coaching sessions. Please contact him for more details.

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