Executive Coaching Book Reviews

Here are our reviews of a number of Executive Coaching Books

Executive Coaching Books: The Coach’s Coach

The Coach’s Coach The Coach’s Coach by Alison Hardingam, Adrian Moorhouse and Mike Brearley is an eclectic blend of executive coaching tips, tools, techniques and examples covering a range of coaching needs, backed up with examples from the executive boardrooms and international playing fields. It is a fantastic book for those who have already embarked [...]

Executive Coaching Books: Coaching For Performance

Coaching For Performance Coaching For Performance by Sir John Whitmore is in my opinion a must have for any aspiring and practising executive coaches. Coaching For Performance is fantastically easy to read alongside having great academic resonance. The author, intersperse the theoretical with the real examples from his and others experiences. He freely distributes his [...]

Leadership: Charismatic Leaders

Charismatic Leaders We have all met highly charismatic people and their seemingly innate way they influence us can provide us with an interesting leadership tool. The concept of Charismatic Leaders lies with Max Weber, a German Sociologist, who established a framework for studying leadership based on the observation that during times of immense crisis (either [...]

Executive Coaching Books

Executive Coaching Books         Executive coaching is an effective way to develop oneself as well as others, in fact we would go as far as to say it is the most effective way to develop as it builds individual awareness first and foremost, and then builds upon that awareness into personal responsibility. [...]