Leadership is easy to define but difficult to prescribe, in fact it is impossible to prescribe.

Leadership Defined

What is leadership? Leadership is the ability to influence within a group, team or an other individual. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And the definition makes it look simple…

But leadership is not simple, because the individuals being influenced in their groups & teams or on their own are by their very nature complex, with many different components, motivations, competencies, perspectives, orientations, histories, hopes and fears.  If you believe leadership to be simple, then the argument would go, that people are simple to influence.  And for some, that is true some of the time, either because they understand the power of adapting their charisma or simply lie, cheat & bully their way to influence their teams.

Leadership In Organisations

Leadership in practice is never as concise as the definition suggests.  Leadership stems from understanding the context that requires leadership and different contexts require different leaders. As a brief and contrite example, Churchill was a great wartime leader, but people didn’t want him to lead immediately after the war – why? Because the context for leadership had changed.

Leadership and leaders provide the difference for an organisation that wallows around and an organisation that is focussed & united. Developing individuals into leaders that understand how to lead and when to lead is what we do.

How You Can Be A Better Leader

We work with you to understand what leadership actually means to you, your team and your organisation.  We work with you to understand your leadership context and the requirements of that context. We work with you to help you take responsibility for your own leadership, finding your own style, that reflects you and your teams ambitions. We work with you to build your confidence on your ever evolving leadership style.

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