Leadership Development

Leadership is important to organisations and high quality leadership, both in organisations and also in society at large, seems to be rare. Developing leadership is a strategic imperative for most organisations.

Leadership Development Requirements

Developing leadership is not simply about dressing differently (taking off the overalls and putting on a suit and tie) or reading some leadership books.  The real development is in the client’s understanding of what it means to be a leader: what it means to be a leader in my organisation; what it means to my team to be a leader; what it means in my team to be a leader; what it means to me as an individual to be a leader and how can I be a leader within my own boundaries of morals, ethics and definition of my own personality.  Rarely do books prescribe solutions to such ponderous statements.

Developing leadership is far from straightforward, it is challenging and it takes time.  It requires time & energy to understand the personal psychological aspects of developing the appropriate leadership behaviours.  Furthermore it requires the ability to be aware of others, their needs from a leader, and how a potential leader can meet those needs.

Leadership Development Through Executive Coaching

Leadership development is frequently the focus for executive coaching, as the contextual element of leadership requires a strong awareness of the context and the most appropriate leadership style & behaviour for that situation. Coaching by its very nature helps to build the awareness of the context and situation, helping the client develop their own authentic leadership for a range of different contexts, and supporting the individual through the change of developing into a leader..

Executive coaching is positively engaging with the aspiring leader to help them understand where they are in the leadership development, what changes they want to achieve to become a better leader and support them through their leadership development. Quite simply, as experienced executive coaches we take the time to support the developing leader to understand all the complex parts to become a leader and support them in becoming an authentic and credible leader in their organisation.

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