FREE Executive Coaching Consultation

FREE Executive Coaching

For a limited time only, our first consultation with you is FREE. Completely and utterly FREE. Simply complete the form on the right or call 02076663255

What should I expect at the first session?

At the first session, we’d like to get to know you a bit better, understand what you want to achieve, and scope out what success looks like for you. You don’t have to prepare anything and we don’t ask you to perform any tests in advance. Simply come along and we talk.

How long does the first session last?

The first session will last between 1 hour and 2 hours, typically 90 minutes. It allows enough time for both of us to understand each other better and also to discuss the structure of any potential future sessions

Do I have to take any future sessions if I attend the first session

Absolutely not. The first session being free is not conditional upon taking any future sessions. In fact, we don’t always recommend any future sessions with us, and sometimes people who attend the first session find they don’t need any further sessions

Are there any strings for the first sessions?

Not really. We simply ask you to be professional and respectful to us and in return we will be professional and respectful to you and always work within our Executive Coaching Code of Ethics. That means, letting us know in advance (ideally at least 24 hours in advance ) if you need to postpone or cancel the first session. We will do the same. If you cancel the meeting with little notice or persistently modify the time without attending, we reserve the right to withdraw the free session. If we feel you are not being professional in your behaviour, we also reserve the right to withdraw the free session.

What happens if I want further sessions – do you offer any further free sessions?

Not as such, but we do offer a range of discounts dependent upon different elements, which can add to an effective additional FREE session.