Our Work

Coaching Executive Drives Performance

We help develop executives in a variety of ways.

We help develop leadership.

We help develop line management skills.

We help develop specific functional skill sets and capabilities.

We help develop team dynamics and team performance.

We help drive a change in behaviour and enhance performance.

Our Approach Focuses On The Individual

Our work is highly tailored to both the individual and the organisation. We work hard to understand the needs of the client, and ensure they are aligned with the organisation before we begin. We create a clear contract with the client so they know in advance our joint objectives and outcomes from executive coaching.

British Eclectic Model of Executive Coaching Is Effective And Personal

We don’t have a one size fits all approach, in fact we have an executive coaching approach closely aligned to the British Eclectic Model of Executive Coaching for two reasons.

Firstly the British Eclectic Model of Coaching is a proven executive coaching approach, as outlined by Professor Hardingham in her paper in 2006. Secondly, it fits well within our understanding complex worlds in which we inhabit, as each of us has a unique experience and personal objectives, which a simplistic coaching style such as emotional intelligence or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) could actually complicate or perhaps even destroy the development of an individual.

Examples of Our Work

Our executive coaching work covers Continuous Professional Development (CPD), leadership, talent progression, and teamworking.

To find out more on examples of our work, please visit our executive coaching blog or contact us.