What Is Mentoring?

What Is Executive Mentoring?

Executive mentoring is the guidance of executives by executives with a similar background. We only use executive mentoring as a technique within executive coaching, and only when appropriate.

When Should We Use An Executive Mentor?

Executive mentoring should only be used as an element of an approach and only once other avenues within the executive coaching approach have been exhausted. Executive mentoring offers the opportunity to stimulate the problem solving in the client rather than provide a definitive answer.

Mentoring Shares Experience Between Two Executives

Executive mentoring pairs up experienced executives who want to share their knowledge, skills and experience with those who are looking for that very same knowledge, skills and experience.

When Can Executive Mentoring Be Used?

Executive mentoring is a fantastic way to offer a perspective of mentor to the client, helping them generate understanding how the client could use the experience of the mentor.

Is Executive Mentoring Effective?

Executive mentoring can be effective in specific situations and for a limited period. If its used entirely on its own as opposed to part of an overall executive coaching toolkit, is more of an ego trip for the mentor than actually offering growth and development for the client.

Executive mentoring can actually be damaging in some circumstances as it may stifle development of the client and pass responsibility on from the client to the mentor.  And there are very few instances where an answer from a mentor would be universally applicable.

Can Executive Mentoring Be Used For CPD?

In some circumstances, mentoring is a valid approach for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), although it depends upon the Professional Body and the executive coach who is accredited to offer CPD in ensuring that mentoring is wholly appropriate.

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