How To Be An Effective Leader

How To Be An Effective Leader

How to be an effective leader is one of our most popular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited speaking events, helping delegates not only find out more about leadership, but also allowing them to take away practical ways to develop in their role as a leader. The presentation is highly interactive, using examples from the audience about leadership and how to become a better leader. Delegates will leave with clear actionable insight into how to improve their leadership capabilities.

Effective Leader Outline – Supervising, Managing or Leading

We examine what the similarities and differences are for a supervisor, a manager and a leader. Are they the same roles or are they vastly different? By examining what we define as a supervisor, manager and leader helps delegates to understand what type of behaviour is appropriate for each depending upon what is needed, for example when supervision is required versus leadership.

Effective Leadership – Myths of Leadership

We probe the myths of leadership, for example that leadership cannot be taught. By examing these myths, we clearly point out to delegates what leadership clearly is and how it can help them in their ongoing development.

Effective Leadership – What Makes A Good Leader

We explore what makes a good leader by using examples from history and from the group. We outline the context of their leadership and how they led. We discuss as a group what it was that made these leaders so great. By exploring what makes a good leader we are able to highlight the key considerations of leadership theory and outline the practice of leadership theory.

Effective Leadership – Applying Leadership Theory

We illustrate how leadership theory can be applied in day to day practice. For example, organising resources to achieve results, motivate staff to work effectively, choose from leadership styles to suit different situations, and how to apply a  leadership style to a specific situation or specific individual.

Effective Leadership – Being A Great Follower

Our last element is deliberately thought provoking to allow delegates to conisder that being a great leader also requires having great followers. We examine how delegates can also be great followers with some real practical solutions, such as

Effective Leadership – Speaker

How To Be An Effective Speaker is presented by Bill Harte, our founding partner and executive coach, certified by Henley Business School in Executive Coaching and Accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Bill has senior level experience in a number of companies, including multinationals, startups and public sector, and has worked across Europe and Japan.

Effective Leadership – Find Out More

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