Executive Coaching Vs Executive Mentoring

What’s the difference between executive coaching and executive mentoring?

Is Executive Coaching the same as executive mentoring? Mentoring is a valid technique WITHIN executive coaching. Essentially it is one of the tools available to a qualified and experienced executive coach. However, a mentor may not necessarily be a coach.

What is Executive Mentoring?

Executive Mentoring provides an opportunity to understand how experienced executives have tackled similar situations and to get their opinion on the situation as it is portrayed.

Executive mentoring is a technique under the executive coaching approach. Executive mentoring can be an extremely powerful technique especially in helping form rapport as it highlights what has worked before in the experience of the mentor. Executive mentoring can help where blockages exist through other more traditional executive coaching techniques.

Does Mentoring Work?

It depends upon the objective. From a purist point of view executive mentoring has limited efficacy, i.e. limited effect, especially over the long term, as by its nature executive mentoring is based on the experience of one person, where as executive coaching opens up the experiences of many and allows for novel solutions to be considered, and more importantly that the solutions being considered are developed by the client and therefore more likely to be implemented as they come from the client themselves.

However Executive Mentoring has some efficacy when a client is wanting to better understand a specific behaviour or specific action that a mentor can offer. Overall mentoring is only effective in isolated and very specifically defined occaisions.

Are CPD Accredited hours available for executive mentoring?

Assuming executive mentoring is appropriate to our clients’ specific situation, and the governing professional body allows for mentoring in its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programmes, then we are accredited to offer CPD hours for mentoring. See here for more on CPD Accreditation

Do you offer Executive Mentoring at Coaching Executive?

Coaching-executive.co.uk utilises executive mentoring as a technique within the executive coaching programme. All of the team in coaching-executive.co.uk have experience in working in and working with senior executives in a range of businesses across the globe.  Having valuable practical business experience coupled with the experience of executive coaching, allows us to know when executive mentoring is an appropriate technique.

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