When is coaching coaching?

What Is Coaching

I’m frequently asked what exactly is coaching and where can coaching be legitimately used.

Coaching’s most simple definition is an activity when one individual supports another individual in developing their own awareness about their situation and goals. Great coaching also goes beyond building awareness to supporting the individual in driving towards these new goals.

And is coaching only done by coaches?

Certified coaches would love to think that only those with a qualification can coach, and whilst my bank manager would love that to be the case, I have experienced at first hand some of the best coaching by non-qualified coaches (in fact these people would be horrified to be described as coaches!).

Anyone can coach

Coaching is a valuable set of tools available to colleagues, parents, children, executives, employees, players, managers, teachers… basically anybody with a modicum of humility, empathy, confidentiality  and desire to see others grow in their own way, finding their own answers about tackling a problem

Coaching is potentially omnipresent.

Coaching is not just restricted to the boardrooms of large corporations or the changing rooms of sporting teams. Coaching occurs in classrooms, corridors, bedrooms, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops… in fact anywhere where people feel comfortable & safe in interacting with each other.


Here are some links to people that have used coaching successfully…

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