Executive Coaching And Training

Increased Capability Drives Competitive Advantage

Developing your teams’ capability offers organisations an opportunity to exploit or improve their competitive advantage.  Organisational capability can be enhanced through general organisational operations and also through a structured training & development programme.

What can executive coaching do for training in your organisation?

Most organisations probably don’t immediately think there is a place for executive coaching in their training programme, or may be at best it would seem like an optional add on.

Studies by Whitmore et al, showed that recollection of training when done by traditional methods was 66% less effective than when training is combined with executive coaching. Not only was it more effective in being recalled but also it was able to be recalled over a longer period, sometimes three times as long as when it was just traditional training.

What is the role of executive coaching in training?

Executive coaching should be at the heart of any training & development programme as it helps build both awareness AND responsibility of the capabilities required by teams and their leaders, rather than just being told about what capabilities they should have in a classroom. Allowing your team to understand what has to be done and giving them the desire to make a difference, is the advantage that executive coaching delivers as part of any training programme.

Training + Applying Training To Their Own Roles

The benefit from receiving training using executive coaching is in developing highly motivated individuals, increasing their capability usually whilst still performing their job, creating a surge in organisational effectiveness both in the short term and also in the long term. In fact we know from psychological studies that experiential training, such as executive coaching, is six times more effective than simply being told, such as classroom training.  Therefore our training programmes look to build as much as we can on experiential training.

Coaching executive is well placed to help your organisation understand how building your capability can exploit and enhance your competitive advantage, working with you to develop learning & development programmes focused on experiential training such as executive coaching.

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