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About Coaching Executive

We are a team of certified executive coaches and leadership experts based in London, UK. Our clients are truly varied, from broad walks of life and industries, across different professional groups, united by a desire for personal development or to be better at a specific capability.

Executive Coaching Experience

Our team of coaches has extensive experience in working with a range of organisations from blue-chip organisations as well as small to medium size companies. We focus on commercial solutions for executive coaching.

Executive Coaching Clients

Our clientele is a smorgasbord of individuals. We have senior leaders who are looking for a change of direction, middle management who are looking for the next steps in their career, senior executives wanting to make the most out of life, and newly appointed manager of a group of geographically dispersed team members, wanting to be more empathetic.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching sessions are designed to help executives develop their leadership and management skills throughout the entire organisation.

An executive coach will work with you on areas that you want help on, such as:

  • improving your self-awareness,
  • improving commercial skills,
  • being more effective at delegating tasks,
  • managing internal conflict,
  • feeling more confident as a senior leader.

Coaching also helps in building confidence through goal setting and accomplishment of goals.

A coach can also support a new team that has formed, helping define roles, processes, and governance, as well as the “jelling” of the new team.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Our executive coaching covers a range of roles, from individuals starting in new roles, that feel daunted by the challenges ahead, to those leaders that need help navigating through a changing environment. We work with new teams or new leaders or recently promoted into senior roles in their business.

Senior leaders often use us as a trusted partner or as a “sounding board” for making significant commercial decisions or discussing highly sensitive matters.

Not only is it for individuals, but also we coach a group of colleagues to help build better teamwork and more cohesion.

Benefits of Executing Coaching

Executive Coaching has benefits for both the individual and the organisation.

Whilst executive coaching may seem like an investment at first glance, it can actually be more cost-effective than many other leadership development methods because of its flexibility and breadth.

Typically an individual will benefit from clarity on their role and their purpose in that role. They gain confidence in their abilities and in meeting their challenges. They flourish as a leader that inspires excellence and trust from their followers. Executive coaching helps to get the best out of people, teams or organizations by providing a confidential space for personal reflection and goal-setting.

Organisations gain the benefit of more engaged and more capable employees, with a high Return On Investment. Unlike other forms of training, coaching works on the embedding of behaviour through real-world interactions. It doesn’t require away days where the training is immediately lost when they walk out of the training rooms.

Through executive coaching, Organisations can demonstrate support for their talent from within.

What to expect from your first Executive Coaching session?

Before you make a decision on choosing an executive coach, we would suggest reflecting on these questions:

  • What do I hope my coach can help me with in terms of business or personal development?
  • What are my goals for the coaching process (e.g., want a sounding board when making decisions)?
  • How much time am I willing to commit to the duration of these programmes?
  • Do the coaches have the experience that meets my needs as well as complementary skillsets (e.g. are they commercial experts?)?

You can expect your first executive coaching session to be a dialogue between us, where we will explore your answers to the questions above.

By doing this effectively, we will write out together the scope of the approach, ensuring it meets your objective.

We will then use this scope to jointly develop a plan, and through subsequent sessions go through the plan, reflecting on what you have learnt and how it has impacted your role. Sessions are tailored according to your specific needs.

As part of the plan, we will outline the frequency of sessions – typically they are every month, though that is highly dependent on the needs of the individual.

How should I choose an Executive Coach?

Choosing a coach is an individual choice, and we would recommend having initial conversations to ensure there is mutual rapport, effectively that you feel comfortable in discussing things with your coach.

We would recommend working with a coach that has a strong combination of academic and business experience so that you can be sure the person you are considering has the necessary experience to support your needs.

We recommend having an in-depth conversation with prospective coaches in advance of appointing them. We always offer a free initial session to help both define the scope of the future sessions and also to ensure there is mutual rapport. you should always interview your coach in the same way you would a potential employee. There are plenty of questions to ask when choosing an executive coach:

  • What are your coaching qualifications?
  • What is your business background and how relevant are they to my needs?
  • What is your commercial business experience?
  • How do you handle confidentiality?
  • What is your coaching style?
  • How often and how long will our sessions last?
  • When can I expect you to contact me after we’ve met?

Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach follows the British Eclectic model that is based on a broad range of psychological approaches. This is our preferred model as it supports the broad range of coaching situations our clients come to us for help on.

As each client is different, we don’t have a set of programmes as coaches per se. We approach each client individually and would like you to feel both comfortable in the framework as well as challenged in the outcomes from the framework.


All of our executive coaching is completely confidential, which means everything we discuss is never discussed with other parties, even your boss or company.

We would encourage you to feel comfortable, speaking candidly, openly and honestly about any aspect of my life or work with your coach.

You will need to trust this person implicitly; would you entrust them with sensitive information without fear that it might get back to others who could use it against me for some reason? Is there chemistry between us so that we can both relax into our sessions together on equal terms?

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