Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Books: The Coach’s Coach

The Coach’s Coach The Coach’s Coach by Alison Hardingam, Adrian Moorhouse and Mike Brearley is an eclectic blend of executive coaching tips, tools, techniques and examples covering a range of coaching needs, backed up with examples from the executive boardrooms and international playing fields. It is a fantastic book for those who have already embarked [...]

Executive Coaching Books: Coaching For Performance

Coaching For Performance Coaching For Performance by Sir John Whitmore is in my opinion a must have for any aspiring and practising executive coaches. Coaching For Performance is fantastically easy to read alongside having great academic resonance. The author, intersperse the theoretical with the real examples from his and others experiences. He freely distributes his [...]

Coaching Value

A Press Release today highlights the growth AND value in executive coaching. GROWTH IN EXECUTIVE COACHING According to this Press Release, spend on Executive Coaching has doubled over the last decade, to $1.9bn.  The growth in Executive Coaching is down to not only more individuals taking advantage of executive coaching, but also from organisations seeing [...]

Executive Coaching – Helping To Make Sense

Executive Coaching Making Sense Of The World Executive coaching really can bring out the best in people and help them deliver tasks that they have struggled with for a very long time. In fact I would go so far as to say that the real power of executive coaching is to help executives unravel their [...]

Role Playing With Executives To Win

Role Playing As An Executive Coaching Tool Yesterday during an executive coaching session, I helped a senior executive develop a pitch for some exciting new work they were hoping to win by running an actual role play of the pitch. Why choose a role play in executive coaching? “Practice is the best of all instructors” [...]