Full Time Executive Coach?

Hiring A Full Time Executive Coach

A report today, highlights the potential of subcontracting executive coaches for your organisation. The advantages of employing an executive coach are well known, with a 2008 study, highlighting that for every £1 spent, executive coaching delivers on average £7 return.

But does that mean every company should now employ a full time coach or rather to have Executive Coaching subcontractors?

Advantages of Full Time Executive Coaching

Having a full time executive coaching on your team allows you to focus on your organisational demands, including leadership, talent development, culture and ongoing organisational change.

Having full time executive coaching shows your commitment to your talent and to the organisation’s development.

With full time executive coaching, you can be assured of confidentiality in the development of your talent and your organisation.

You can be a confident that the executive coach understands your strategic direction.

Disadvantages of Full Time Executive Coaching

Recruiting full time certified executive coaches is not easy. With the Executive Coaching industry undergoing significant growth and a limited number of certified coaching courses, executive coaches are much in demand.  The  best executive coaches have the freedom to run their affairs as they see fit, and the thought of working for one employer may contradict the freedom they enjoy by working with their own clients.

Assuming you can find great certified executive coaching talent, to ensure the executive coach is able to toEmploying a full time executive coach would be a To ensure any executive coach you do recruit optimal resource Requires c50 executives to require coaching on a monthly basis

Requires the organisation to have clear long term strategic focus on developing its talent, rather than just a passing fad.

Best practice in executive coaching requires supervision to ensure the coach is offering relevant and up to date solutions and is remaining independent and empathetic.

One of the great benefits of having executive coaching is that it brings a wider perspective to the organisation. There is a chance that an employed executive coaching will lose that perspective and run the risk of groupthink.

The biggest disadvantage is that the individuals within the organisation become dependent upon their internal coaches, always looking for their coach to help them make their decisions.

Advantages of Executive Coaching

Allows you to find a range of different certified executive coaches, which match well with your talents’ background, helping to build a strong rapport, one of the key determinants of success in an executive coaching relationship.

The flexibility of hiring an executive coach means that the coaching matches your organisational demands, taking into account

Disadvantages of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is more expensive on an hourly basis than having an employed

There is a chance that unless there is a clear briefing, the organisation’s startegic direction for coaching may be compromised.


Overall, there a lots of things to consider when choosing an executive coach.

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