What Is Executive Coaching?

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching was described perfectly by one of our clients as a chance to have a “self indulgent reflection in a safe environment with somebody who can help me grow”.

Executive Coaching is a powerful approach focused on the client’s objectives using various techniques built on a strong platform of rapport and trust between the client and coach.

Is Executive Coaching Just About Techniques?

Executive coaching is not solely about techniques.  We found when we were offered executive coaching, that some coaches would demonstrate value by simply wheeling out a number of techniques, spending little time on helping us to understand if we would find these techniques helpful or what these techniques were helping us find out about ourselves. A coach who jumps straight into techniques without establishing sufficient rapport or relies heavily on techniques will find the client becoming distant and the success from coaching for the client will diminish.

What is the one thing that I should look for in an Executive Coach?

We know that the most important aspect of Executive Coaching is to find a coach that you can build a strong and trustworthy rapport. Without rapport the relationship will become perfunctory and will feel like you are going through the motions, just for the sake of it, getting little or no value.

A relationship with a high degree of rapport and clarity on the other hand will help accelerate the client’s development, as they will feel safe to explore areas they may not have considered or challenged to consider areas they have previously avoided. The cornerstone of building that rapport in executive coaching is in building trust, as the client will be sharing personal perspectives and the client must feel that those perspectives will be held safely, confidentially and objectively by the coach.

Coaching Executive’s First Session Is Always Free To Ensure A Strong Level Of Rapport

That is why, with Coaching Executive we work hard to place you with the most appropriate coach, and we spend at least the first session getting to know you and importantly allowing you to get to know us. We don’t charge our clients until we are clear there is strong rapport as otherwise we struggle to add value for your executive coaching.

If you want to grow your skills, then executive coaching is a great way for personal development.

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