How Does Executive Coaching Help Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

How Does Executive Coaching Help With CPD?

Frequently when we are introducing our CPD Accredited Executive Coaching services to senior professionals, they ask how Executive Coaching can help with their CPD. Our answer is that it helps in a number of ways…

Consolidating and Embed Training And Development

Training is a popular way most professionals use to maintain their CPD. Training might be in the form of courses or online. Sometimes it might even be through reading articles. Often the outcomes of the training, especially when it is done alone, will remain open ended, with no clear follow through or change in behaviour.

Executive Coaching allows for the training to be considered and then applied, embedding the training. We often see Companies invest tens of thousands of pounds in their employees training, but the don’t invest the hundreds of pounds in Executive Coaching, which could help the training become embeded. Executive Coaching can prove that recall can be boosted by a factor of six compared with typical training.


Executive Coaching is actually development. The process of being coached, ensures that the coachee is developing, and developing in the most productive way possible, with 65% of materials recalled after 90 days. That development is outcome focussed and focussed on what the client wants to achieve.


Executive Coaching allows for Reflection on a number of areas. Reflection on the way the client’s performance. Reflection upon their relationships, and how they could improve those relationships. Reflection on their leadership, and how they could devlop their leadership skills.

Exploring Complex Areas

Executive Coaching is particularly helpful to explore areas that are complex and / or situational. As an example, Leadership, is highly dependent upon the environment, including the team being led. It would be impossible to write a training manual to cover every possible situation to improve leadership, yet with Executive Coaching, the individual can develop the most appropriate leadership style for whatever the situation throws up.

Changing Behaviour

Executive Coaching is a platform to allow significant change on behalf of the client, allowing them to identify and focus on attaining development goals.
If any of these is of interest to building your CPD, please get in contact.
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