Alex Certified Executive Coach

Alexandra is a Coach and Learning & Development specialist, focusing on changing behavioural skills, and developing cultures within the workplace to increase staff and organisational engagement to help the smooth running of the business.

With 10 years experience in the development of teams and management working in the service sector, she is extremely passionate about people, and particularly young, high potential talent. Alexandra gets excited when she is able to, through coaching, help individuals find out ‘what makes them tic’, in order to help them understand themselves better, and focus their energies to help them lead a more fulfilling work life, that will also benefit the organisations that are lucky enough to employ them.

Alexandra graduated with a Masters from the London School of Economics in Organisational and Social Psychology, and went on to successfully complete a course to become a Certified Coach at the Henley Business School. She spent 10 years travelling around the world, living in 5 different countries, and engaging with many different cultures.

She now specialises in professional and personal development and focuses on her key strength and passion, the development of teams and individuals towards behavioural growth and learning goals, unlocking learning opportunities at both an organisational and individual level. Her speciality is effectively linking people processes to business outcomes, and she is also able to offer training solutions, with consulting services to suit the needs of individuals and organisations.