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We are an experienced group of executives from a range of functions including HR, Sales, Marketing who have worked across the globe for well known & respected Blue Chip organisations and who now have come together to help your business grow by using executive coaching techniques that all of our team have been certified in [...]

Our Clients

Our clients are not robots. Everyone of our clients is different, with no two clients being the same. They come from different industries, from consulting to manufacturing. They come from big, multinational companies, public sector organisations through to small family run businesses. They come from different professions, from marketing, technical, legal, operations through to finance. [...]

Our Work

We help develop executives in a variety of ways. We help develop leadership. We help develop line management skills. We help develop specific functional skill sets and capabilities. We help develop team dynamics and team performance. We help drive a change in behaviour and enhance performance. Our work is highly tailored to both the individual [...]

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Join the dozens of other professionals and executives who have contacted us for executive coaching, mentoring, leadership and personal development.   We are based in central London but operate around the world.               Coaching Executive 9 Adam Street LONDON WC2N 6AA Telephone: +44 (0) 207 666 3255 Email: william.harte@coaching-executive.co.uk


William Harte, founding partner of Coaching Executive is accredited by the CPD Standards Office to offer Continuous Professional Development through Executive Coaching and Mentoring. "William Harte was our first CPD Accredited Executive Coach, and his qualifications and experience are completely in line with our detailed research findings into CPD" Amanda Rosewarne, Director CPD Accreditation and [...]

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful approach for organisations & individuals to achieve their goals and help them untangle seemingly perplexing choices. Executive coaching supports executives in a wide variety of organisations to understand & clarify the goals of their departments and organisation, and to make the choices that will further improve their own individual performance, [...]


Leadership is easy to define but difficult to prescribe, in fact it is impossible to prescribe. What is leadership? Leadership is the ability to influence within a group, team or an other individual. Sounds simple doesn't it? And the definition makes it look simple... But leadership is not simple, because the individuals being influenced in [...]


Executive Coaching & Leadership Development requires a great blend of executive leadership experience, functional excellence and robust academics. And at Coaching-Executive our team combines these great skills to offer opportunities for your team to develop into significant leaders, driving ongoing improvement in themselves, their teams and your business. Our team came together as a team [...]